Update: City Council meeting

A concerned citizen took the podium during Tuesday’s city council public forum to express concerns about kids driving golf carts around Bay St. Louis. One under aged driver reportedly was seen chauffeuring his partying parents home. It wasn’t the first time that event was brought up to the council.

The concerned citizen was assured the city is following state law regarding golf carts and that the police are writing tickets as needed.

Next item of business was the Mystic Krewe of the Sea Horse parade set for Lundi Gras 2014.

Don’t look for floats, though. It’s a golf cart parade.

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2 thoughts on “Update: City Council meeting

  1. I am a big meanie, and I don’t like golf carts on the streets competing with cars. Sorry. If I have to wear a seat belt and have airbags (which are not included free in my car), golf carts should have to have them, too. And are they tagged the same as cars? Most importantly, they’re dangerous, whether driven by sober or intoxicated persons, underage or “fully grown.”

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