Building permit recap & Bay Council agenda

Hancock County’s Building Department issued five permits last week (Nov. 26-30) totaling $350,630 in value and $1,611 in fees.

The three residential permits were for construction of a single family home on Fenton Dedeaux Road,  a new home on Creek Cove and construction of a new house on an existing slab on Wolf Creek Road.

One commercial permit was issued to Matthew Crittenden to install a 19-foot tall sign for his business at 19193 Highway 43. The valuation listed was $2,100 with fees of $22. The Port and Harbor Commission got a commercial permit for smoke partition and electrical service improvements on Road A. Valuation was $16,560 and fees were $144.

The Bay St. Louis Building Department permitted five residential projects last week totaling $304,977 in value and $2,955 in fees. The permits were for a new residential building on Gladstone Street, a roof on Athletic Drive and two residential remodel projects on Sunset Drive. Also, a tree permit for Demontluzin Avenue was issued.

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2 thoughts on “Building permit recap & Bay Council agenda

  1. Has the Bay St.. Louis governing authorities implemented the monthly charges for the truck picking up tree limbs?
    If so, will the truck be repaired before Christmas so that we can collect the debris that is now being blown and pushed into the narrow streets creating a driving hazard?

    • Jim, I see a $2 charge on my current bill for grapple service. Don’t know anything about the truck. Seems like it was broken a lot during the last administration. And I do see a good bit of debris around here.

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