Building permits & beach closures

Bay St. Louis issued two permits last week (June 24-28) with total value of $307,819 and fees of $2,258. Both were for residential projects on Blue Meadow Road: one for a new house and the other for a bulkhead/pier/boathouse.

And Hancock County’s beaches remain closed along with beaches in the Pass, Long Beach and Gulfport because of a blue-green Harmful Algal Bloom. An algal bloom is the rapid growth of algae on the surface of the water. MDEQ says sampling in the Pass Christian Harbor, the Long Beach Harbor and the Harrison Road area of the Jourdan River also indicate the presence of an HAB.

MDEQ advises people, and their pets, to avoid swimming or wading because exposure to the blue-green HAB can be harmful. So don’t go in the water but you can still enjoy the sand beaches. Tell that to Boudreaux.

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