Not an ordinary Monday

Looks like Elvis had a lot of company on the beach this weekend. Trash containers around the $600,000 bathroom pavilion at Washington Street looked pretty full.

On an ordinary Monday, we’d be posting the building permit report but since ordinary is hard to come by anymore, we’ll try to find and post words and pictures that are interesting/useful/distracting. And as soon as the building permit reports come in, I’ll post them.

Hard Times Two Facebook photo.

This post is from Steven West of Hard Times Two, a vendor at the Hancock County Farmers Market.

Hard Times Two will be set up at home. We will have our normal products. Jelly, Jams, Honey, Salsa,Pickles, and Eggs when available. We are averaging about 3 dozen a day. My Wife is also making masks, two layers tight woven cotton outside and breathable waterproof on inside. Will be taking orders on phone for all products. Payments preferred on card but will accept cash.
Call to set up appointment. 228-216-4419

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