Supervisors want Corps to fix new seawall


BAY ST. LOUIS Hancock County Board of Supervisors President Lisa Cowand met with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers today to talk about drainage issues along the new seawall from U.S. 90 south toward Washington Street. Until things are fixed, the supervisors won’t take over maintenance of the seawall, said Cowand.

County road manager Bill Johnson said the Corps will “do maintenance and cleaning work and will monitor the project to figure out why it is not working properly, causing water to stay on the land side and not drain off.”

Besides drainage problems, the Corps is checking into what can be done about a rust colored material that appears along the new seawall when it rains. It’s a natural occurrence that’s unsightly, officials say.

And there’s the age-old problem of sand clogging the culverts that drain the uplands as shown in the photo above. “We’ve battled this forever,” Cowand said. “The tidal action brings the sand it and rolls it out. It’s not anything new.”
Storm water run off from the land side will eventually wash most of the sand from inside the culverts.

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2 thoughts on “Supervisors want Corps to fix new seawall

  1. It’s always something, isn’t it? Somehow I’m not surprised that our beautiful new seawall has “kinks” in it already. Let’s hope the Corps really fixes it and doesn’t just apply an ACE bandange or a Band-Aid.

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