Boudreaux never met a pole he didn't like to sniff. It's why my pace isn't as fast as I'd like.

Boudreaux never met a pole he didn’t like to sniff. It’s why my pace isn’t as fast as I’d like.

My fitness app offers encouraging words at the end of every walk. This morning’s cheer, coincidentally, was, “Congratulations! You did it!”

After setting out Jan. 1 to walk every day this year, I made good on the resolution today with a turn along our winter route. It’s away from the beach, not as pretty and filled with barking dogs but nonetheless it adds steps and that’s the point. Another little walking stick figure populates the calendar.

After getting so close to my goal, I worried that the recent nonstop rain would break my streak. Walking in the heat or cold doesn’t bother me, but I don’t walk in the rain. Nope, just won’t do it.

So I took the desperate plunge on Saturday and went to Wal-Mart to avoid walking in the rain. Starting at Row 9 in the parking lot, I charted a path from the outer reaches of the garden center through the toy section, across to dairy and then up to the deli and checkout. I must have cut quite a figure on the security cameras darting around in my buttoned up yellow rain slicker and half expected a security guard to stop me at the door. But then again it is Wal-Mart, there are no guards and I was far from the most suspicious looking person there. I was moving the fastest, though.

Happy New Year!

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