Sweet tooth in Iowa: Forklifting for Twix

Did y’all see this little item out of Milford, Iowa.

The AP and The Des Moines Register reported that a 27-year-old Iowa man has lost his job and unemployment benefits for using a forklift to get a candy bar from a malfunctioning vending machine.

The paper reports the guy deposited $1 in a vending machine for a 90-cent Twix candy bar, But the candy bar got snagged on a hook and wouldn’t fall. Been there.

Now, Twix is my ultimate favorite candy bar so I am with this guy to a point. And who among us hasn’t grabbed the sides of a vending machine and given it a shove?

Anyway, the guy reportedly commandeered a forklift, picked up the machine at least six times and dropped it a couple of feet. Three candy bars fell out. THREE!

He was fired five days later but told the paper he denied the whole thing.

The best part, besides that mental picture we now have of forklifting a vending machine, is the guy’s parting quote.

“That machine was trouble,” he said. “They fired me, and now I hear they have all new vending machines there.” Well, at least one new one.

I’m imagining a similar Twix attack in Mississippi would involve a pickup and a shotgun.
Thank goodness for Iowa.

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