Coming this week

If you’re a Facebook friend of Tony Trapani of Trapani’s Eatery fame, and who’s not, you probably saw his post about taking a break from social media.

I have reached the same conclusion as my cousin, except I’m staying away from food/eating/cooking websites for now. After a while, looking at all that food feels like holiday gluttony.

Coming this week: news on a new kind of hair salon, an update on the leaky seawall and that wave of nostalgia on Facebook. Sorry, Tony.

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One thought on “Coming this week

  1. I’d be following Tony’s lead in a heartbeat if it weren’t for Georgie Necaise, Pat Murphy, Gwen Heitzmann and all the other folks who keep posting those really old pictures. I get lost in those things, and somehow I find them quite comforting. Hope that’s the wave of nostalgia you’re talking about.

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