Bay Council meeting agenda: Harbor signs & Wifi

Here’s the final agenda for today’s Bay St. Louis City Council meeting that starts at 5:30 p.m.

1. Mayor’s Report
a) Docket of Claims
  General Fund $124,562.95
Katrina Recovery Fund $4,610.04
CDBG Fund $25,433.45
Utility Fund $208,939.94
Municipal Harbor Fund $13,500.00
Total $377,056.38

b) W.A. McDonald & Sons $609.97

2. Guests
a) Lilly Flores – Goodwill Proclamation
b) Jason Chiniche – Harbor Sign Drawings
b) Wes Griffith – Advertisement for RFPs and Contract for Wifi to Harbor

3. Public Forum

4. New Business
a) Trailers/campers allowed for Home Construction

5. Old Business
a) Social Media Policy
b) Attorney E&O Insurance
c) Speed Bump Progress
d) Commagere Fence Issue
e) Pedi-Cab Rules & Regulations
f) Interlocal Agreement – Beach Boulevard Scenic Byway

6. Attorney’s Report
7. Public Forum
8. Adjourn

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