Hibiscus comeback

This hibiscus may not look like much but it’s my all-time sentimental favorite. It survived Katrina and thrived until this winter, when it seemed doomed by the cold. But recently leaves started appearing and now it’s on its way back to full bloom, like the two new plants I added alongside it this weekend.

By a happy coincidence, this holiday weekend marks the 8th anniversary of my short but momentous move from the FEMA trailer parked in the driveway to the restored house. Friends helped celebrate that milestone with icy vodka martinis on the freshly painted front porch. Other details remain sketchy.

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3 thoughts on “Hibiscus comeback

  1. So glad to see yours is thriving. Mine’s a goner. I believe I’m to blame. I didn’t trim the dead tops quickly enough. But I refuse to give up. The rosemary bush is twice the size it was before the freeze.

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