Municipal harbor milestone

Boats will be arriving in the Bay St. Louis Municipal Harbor this weekend.

Check out this video on YouTube:

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2 thoughts on “Municipal harbor milestone

  1. Nice video of an empty harbor.
    It’s interesting viewing the fishing pier. The ADA law requires that 25% of the handrails be placed at a lower height to facilitate someone in a wheelchair should they want to fish. Unfortunately, the law has an exception that permits all the handrails to be placed at the height they are instead of the desired requirements. Someone consciously made a decision to ignore the recommendations of the ADA law to simplify design and thereby place handicapped people at an additional disadvantage.

    • Now that the fishing pier is opened, I walked to the end hoping to find some handicap fishing spots and lo and behold at the very end there were several provided. Would have thought a few could have been added along the length of the pier, but a few is better than none.

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