Sunday brunch: Best shrimp and grits in New Orleans

Shrimp and grits in the Riverbend

Shrimp and grits at Dante’s Kitchen in New Orleans.

Brunch at Dante’s Kitchen can make your weekend in New Orleans. In fact, it’s the perfect cure for the night before.

You’ll have to wait in line but that’s OK. The coffee and/or Bloody Mary will taste that much better once you’re seated. My order-every-time entree is the grilled shrimp and grits served with andouille red eye gravy. Let’s stop and think about that for a minute.

OK, I’m back.

Dante’s Kitchen. 736 Dante St. New Orleans. Corner Dante and River Road.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday brunch: Best shrimp and grits in New Orleans

  1. Low blow! Truth is, I prefer the grits beneath my shrimp and andouille gravy to be cooked, set, cut into cakes and crisp friend before joining the shrimp for a “swim.” Really liking your blog, Ms. Monti.

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