Party at the pavilion!!! Not so fast. We’ve got rules.

Want to party at the Washington Street pavilion across from the $600,000 bathroom? Better check the rules.

The Board of Supervisors just installed this giant list of Do’s and Don’ts on a sign as tall as the humble little pavilion.

You already can’t have firearms or weapons on the property. Now it’s no alcohol, no loud music, no fire, no offensive language, no pets, not even livestock. Really? Livestock? Here, read it for yourself.

If you break curfew, you lose your deposit. But what happens if you break the others?

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4 thoughts on “Party at the pavilion!!! Not so fast. We’ve got rules.

  1. I wonder if the party this past weekend followed those rules…..from my understanding it was a justice court party and I heard through the grapevine that the police officers had to drive some of the attendees home…..

  2. Only the bums and drug dealers who have been occupying the pavilion will use it now. The board has collectively lost their mind.

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