Cool or Not Cool? Find out here.

SAMSUNGBay St. Louis wears its coolness proudly since the city was voted one of the Coolest Small Towns by a travel magazine. (Yes, we may be broke, but we’re still cool.)

Well, that cool factor is the basis for a new blog feature called Cool or Not Cool, wherein I declare when something is cool or when it isn’t.

Jeff Harding gets things going for us.

According to Geoff Belcher’s reporting in Saturday’s Sea Coast Echo, Jeff, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor, was arrested for alleged bad behavior toward building official Charlie Oliver. Jeff was charged with simple assault and disturbing the peace, and turned himself in, as reported by the Echo.

Quoting Geoff here: “Harding said there was no basis for either charge and he will fight both of them in court.” (Notice the fighting theme here?)

The wording on the affidavit contains this gem of a quote: Jeff allegedly told Charlie that he “was going to open a can of whoop-ass for him.”

First off, I never thought I’d read the words “whoop-ass” in the Echo. Second of all, if you can’t muster up a six-pack, then you’re really not that committed, are you?

Yes, it is Cool to fight City Hall for the right reasons, but it’s never a good idea to fight IN City Hall. Next stop: Municipal Court.

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