Streaming, on a Sunday afternoon

It’s been about six months since I cut the cord and went streaming full time. Life without cable, commercials and futile channel surfing has been fine, thanks very much.

I’ve carved out a routine for watching news programs online, my favorite programs with Apple TV (especially PBS) and movies with Netflix. My Netflix subscription is $9 a month and that’s turned out to be a great investment, especially on days like today.

Did you know This Property is Condemned is now available on Netflix?

3u3TCcfsj17tc-wDZC5OqmWb1G9iFf4VR02A_T3Qbj1duJzTbaFNEVDu89zmKRY3dBbWGg=s152The smartest show around now is the BBC/PBS series Sherlock, with Benedict Cumberbatch as the modern-day London sleuth. The show is funny, fast, well directed, and the writing and acting are superior. Watch it and see what all the fuss is about.

Another recent favorite is Fading Gigolo, a John Turturro movie in which Woody Allen is actually funny once again. Turturro plays an unlikely gigolo to Allen’s pimp, but don’t let that summary scare you. Really.

Nebraska is quirky and I like quirky so much I hated to see it end. There’s award-winning acting by Bruce Dern and his perpetually cranky wife played by June Squibb. Director Alexander Payne also gave us The Descendants and Sideways, two of my favorite movies.

What have you been streaming?

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3 thoughts on “Streaming, on a Sunday afternoon

  1. If you know where Daddy lives, I live right next door. I would love to show you my TV set up. The free choices are out there. Recently upgraded to a better antenna and now I get 54 free channels. The sub channels offer better programming. Rin Tin Tin, Superman, Perry Mason, etc. WLAE, 32.2 offers MHz network. REAL WORLD NEWS and I love the International Mysteries Series. “Don Matteo” is my favorite. Shot in southern Italy, he’s the bicycle riding priest who is always one step ahead of the police. Although subtitled, they are fun to watch. Other series are shot in France, Oslo, Germany and Sicily. Stop by anytime and I will show you my streaming service.

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