Old Cuevas Bistro, deli coming to Main Street

You may have heard that Old Cuevas Bistro is opening on Main Street.
It’s been a poorly kept secret but details are now becoming available on the new restaurant at 111 Main Street inside the space where Bay Breeze operated until recently. The original bistro on Menge Avenue in Pass Christian burned to the ground last summer.
The Parrish family, the developers of the Shops at Magnolia Alley, said the 75-seat restaurant will feature a gourmet deli for take out.
The working name is Old Cuevas Bistro and Gourmet in the Bay. The target opening day is May 1.
 Owner Cassandra Timmons put up a sign announcing the restaurant recently.
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3 thoughts on “Old Cuevas Bistro, deli coming to Main Street

  1. First time on your site. Thanks for the updates. Do you know if the two shops that closed will be moving to another location or are they closed for good. Hate to see folks closing. I owned 2 shops in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores in late 1990s. Sold.one, closed the other. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  2. When you stop to think about it, it’s amazing the many different businesses (in number and type) that have occupied that old Magnolia State building. It’s amazing it withstood Katrina. It’s amazing that I remember so vividly begging Daddy to take me when he went to buy lumber, just so I could hang near the opening to the lumber storage area and breathe deeply of that wood/sawdust smell. Good, good luck to the deli. I can guarantee I’ll be among the first customers.

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