Bay Council agenda: clerk’s report, vacation & air space rentals

Here’s the agenda for today’s Bay St. Louis City Council meeting. Dress comfortably, looks like a long evening. Things start at 5:30 p.m.

1. Guests
a) Senator Philip Moran – State of the State Address
b) Donald Gavagnie – Lease for Property Behind his House
c) Ellis Anderson – Historic Preservation Website and New Members
d) Allison Anderson – Share the Road
e) Rod Ward – Harbor Slip Rentals
f) Thomas Genin – Harbor Parking
g) Helene Loicano – Bring it to the Bay

2. City Clerk’s Report
a) Utility Sinking Fund Balance Reconciliation
b) Harbor Fund Reconciliation
c) Docket of Claims
General Fund $ 139,015.82
Municipal Reserve Fund $ 29,904.48
Katrina Recovery Fund $ 127,042.77
Debt Service Fund $ 5,266.01
Utility Fund $ 113,981.14
Municipal Harbor Fund $ 2,872.44
Total $ 418,082.66
d) Resolution Authorizing the City to Amend Fiscal 2015 Budget

3. Public Forum – Agenda Topics Only

4. New Business
a) Bill Adam – Fence Repair/Replacement
b) Vacation Rental Ordinance
c) Vehicle Take Home Policy
d) Leave Policy after Six Month Employment

5. Old Business
a) Air Space Rental
b) Service Station on Service Road Violations
c) Road & Bridge Bond

6. Council Business

7. Mayor’s Report
a) Consent Agenda
1. Approve St. Rose Church
Using the Portable Stage Oct. 3, 2015
During the annual festival

2. Travel
Department: Police
Employee: Austin Stanton
Date: May 14, 2015
Location: Gulfport, MS
Reason for Travel: Taser Instructor Recertification
Sponsoring Organization: Biloxi Police Dept.
Registration: $200.00
Meals: Reimbursed
Transportation: City Vehicle
Lodging: -0-

3. Travel
Department: Police
Employee: Wes Mayley
Date: July 25-31, 2015
Location: Oxford, MS
Reason for Travel: MS Law Enforcement Command College
Sponsoring Organization: MS Chiefs of Police and FBI
Registration: $350.00
Meals: Reimbursed
Transportation: City Vehicle
Lodging: $576.00

4. Travel
Department: Police
Employee: Mike DeNardo and James Burch
Date: June 16-19, 2015
Location: Biloxi, MS
Reason for Travel: 2015 Chiefs Educational Training Conference
Sponsoring Organization: MS Chiefs of Police
Registration: $650.00
Meals: Reimbursed
Transportation: City Vehicle
Lodging: -0-
Cost for DeNardo refunded by P.O.S.T

8. Attorney’s Report

9. Public Forum

10. Minutes
a) September 4, 2014

11. Adjourn

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