Bienvenue, Isabelle and Bruno

IMG_7401 (1)The Bay is filled with visitors this Memorial Day weekend, including a couple from France who have been bicycling around the world since 2006.

Isabelle and Bruno Frebourg, natives of the Normandy countryside, were enjoying coffee this morning on the welcoming porch of my neighbors Chris and Elizabeth Cochran.

They biked over from Ocean Springs yesterday and are heading to New Orleans next. From there they will travel to Denver as they make their way to the West Coast.

The Frebourgs have a website ( detailing their world travels and adventures. Here’s a bit of it, courtesy of Google Translate:

From our earliest years, we traveled the world, eager for discoveries and encounters.

During our holiday we went on a motorcycle and sidecar after the birth of our daughter to the discovery of many countries in Europe, North Africa and Asia: Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Morocco , Algeria, Turkey, Egypt …

Trips…alternated with motorcycle tours: Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, turn of Annapurna in Nepal, across the island of Reunion Tower Alpamayo and ascent of the volcano Chachani to over 6000 m in Peru.

We decided today to realize our dream and pursue our lives to discover the world, and peoples cultures … for an indefinite period with the means of transport we deem most appropriate in the circumstances, in our fitness and our desires. We travel for now by bicycle.

Safe travels.


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2 thoughts on “Bienvenue, Isabelle and Bruno

  1. Wish I could have met them. We would love to visit this region one day. Will be leaving Aug 5 on a 13 day trip in Paris. This will be our 4th trip to visit our daughter. Maybe we can squeeze it in.

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