New B&B has tropical vibe

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The Bay St. Louis building at 134 Sycamore St., previously known as the Globe Laundry, has been transformed into a tropical-themed bed and breakfast that’s now open for guests.

Owner Kevin Jordan bought the disheveled cinderblock building which was more recently a junk/antique store and spent the next seven years renovating it with thoughts of recreating a Mexican resort vibe a block from the Bay beach.

“When I walked in the front doors with my agent, I thought of residences of friends in central Mexico,” Kevin said. “Hurricane Katrina had blown off the raised roof in the main room of the building which is about 3,500 square feet. I thought it would make a perfect courtyard and be perfect for a swimming pool. I thought it would be a great B&B.”

Renovations commenced on the aptly named “Abode” and included a new roof and windows, plastering exterior walls, carving out rooms and making the kitchen cabinets and bar from lumber reclaimed from his house on Washington Street that was destroyed by Katrina.

Among the most interesting features of the B&B is the media room which was originally the climate-controlled area where local ladies stored their furs. You can enter through the old vault door that protected the furs.

The swimming pool, which is approximately where the Globe counter was located, is another striking feature of the property. Kevin said building the pool inside the patio was a challenge because of the “quicksand-like” soil. It took weeks of shoring, bulk heading and pushing tons of concrete and oyster shells into the “bottomless pit” to create the distinctive pool.

The property includes the main house with two bedrooms, the media room with a pool table, a large kitchen/bar area and two bathrooms. There are two studios with bathrooms that can be rented with the main house or separately. Abode can be viewed or booked at

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