Sold! Cypress Cafe has new owners

Holly Lemoine-Raymond (left) with new Cypress Café  owners  Steve and Sue Forstall.

Holly Lemoine-Raymond (left) with new Cypress Café owners Steve and Sue Forstall. Photo courtesy of Cypress Cafe.

Holly Lemoine-Raymond has sold her popular Cypress Café to Sue and Steve Forstall, longtime friends and fans of the popular café.

The new owners don’t plan on making any changes to the operation or the made-to-order menu of sandwiches, salads and soups. “Basically it’s going to stay the same.” said Steve Forstall. “Holly’s got it running really well and the food is excellent. You don’t mess with a good thing.”

Holly opened Cypress Café in 2010 in what used to be Kingston’s Barber Shop, across from the Depot duck pond. After a year she moved the growing business to the old City Hall on Second Street and created a new cafe and gift shop with recycled pallets, nautical ropes and distressed cypress tables. In typical Holly fashion, she designed or built everything herself.

Holly recently took up a new career in real estate and has found great success there. To focus on her job with John McDonald Realty, she decided to sell the cafe to the Forstalls.

“The real estate business is booming in the Bay St. Louis/Hancock County area and as much as I love my café, I feel that I wasn’t able to give my best service and attention to my real estate clients or my café customers so I had to choose to focus on one or the other…” she said.

Holly said Sue and Steve have embraced the opportunity to pick up where she has left off and have committed themselves to keeping everything just as it was in terms of quality, consistency and service.

The Cypress Café is open daily except Sunday for lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

IMG_0468Cypress Cafe photo.

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2 thoughts on “Sold! Cypress Cafe has new owners

  1. Great food photo, Lisa! Food, though inanimate, is hard as hell to shoot well. You did it. Hooray for you.

    • Thanks, Jean, but I didn’t take that burger photo. It’s a Cypress Cafe photo. I have eaten the burger, though, and it’s one of the best you’ll find anywhere.

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