The Shed shuts down Mobile BBQ joint; critics say move was in bad taste

After news reports that The Shed abruptly closed its Mobile restaurant Tuesday and posted a handwritten sign on the door, the Orrisons responded this morning on The Shed’s Facebook page. Here’s their statement:

“The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint Closing the Shed in Mobile was an extremely difficult decision for the Orrison family. There were ‘many’ issues associated with the decision to close it immediately. Our management team was indeed there from 6 am until 4:30 pm to talk to all employees. The doors were never locked. We have mailed each and every employee a severance check in addition to the current week’s check average to financially aid them while job searching. We also extended job offerings for some in Ocean Springs.”

A string of criticism is growing on the Shed’s page. “So you sold your souls to the Food Network without thinking about your employees in Mobile,” one post read. Another said, “Go back to Mississippi. Mobile doesn’t need your BBQ! We have Dreamland.”

“Good job,” said one post. “It was nice of the Shed owners to put employees in Mobile…out of work without notice.”

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