Bay Council recap: Toulme Street shuffle, trolley stop?

Storm drain
A good many people showed up at last night’s meeting to show support for the trolley service and to once again show opposition to plans to build more houses near the Depot duck pond.

Coast Transit Authority reps and tourism supporters made their case for keeping the free trolley service beyond the six-month trial run that ends in December.

However, penny-pinching councilmen don’t want the city to subsidize the service.

Councilman Joey Boudin apparently has gotten an earful from those who are against it because they believe the trolley doesn’t do anything for them. Even though money spent by tourists in shops and restaurants benefits the Entire City. Geez, people.

Anyway, they’ll be “workshopping” the trolley options to see if the service can be saved.

As for the convoluted Toulme Street project, the item yet again was yanked from the agenda at the last minute and the public didn’t get notified about it, yet again.

This strategy has generated frustration and suspicion. Meanwhile, the boys have lawyered up so this one may be headed to court.

In other actions, the council approved the docket, ratified Robert Clark as city clerk and repackaged the golf cart rules to send to the Legislature.

And the chickens have been evicted from Gladstone Street.

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