Two Good Dogs: Boudreaux & Buckley.

I adopted Boudreaux from the Humane Society nine Thanksgivings ago and a lot of people have asked what kind of dog he is. All I can tell them is he’s an extremely lucky dog.

At one point I spent some time doing dog genealogy (instead of real work) and came upon a possible link to the Wheaton variety but couldn’t connect the dots.



So imagine my surprise when I clicked on Garden & Gun’s Good Dog contest winners and saw these familiar eyes, big ears, black nose and even the same patriotic accessory.

Buckley, a Wheaton mix and dead ringer for Boudreaux, is in the magazine’s Top 10.


I’m thinking about entering Boudreaux in the contest next year. Can we count on your vote?


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4 thoughts on “Two Good Dogs: Boudreaux & Buckley.

  1. Lisa, Boudreaux has matured beautifully under your tutelage! His exceptional good looks and amazing intelligence should raise him far above his competition!

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