Dancing in the aisles … at Froogel’s


They’re dancing in the aisles at Froogel’s and we have store manager Sheryl Spiers to thank for that.

Sheryl is the one who switched the grocery store’s piped-in channel from plain old “elevator music” to the contagious ‘70s soundtrack that generates compliments like these recently posted on Facebook:

I have literally seen people dancing in Froogles! It’s a happy little place!

Rockin’ out at the grocery. A little Donna Summer, some Chicago.

That place is ALWAYS a party!!!

They have the best music.

It’s like going into a time warp.

Sheryl Spiers

Sheryl Spiers and Santa

Sheryl has worked in the grocery business for 17 and a half years as a bookkeeper and as store manager for one and a half years. She has been with Froogel’s since 2009.

The previous store owner was partial to elevator music but Sheryl was all about the ‘70s sound. While working as a bookkeeper, she told herself “if I ever got to become manager, I was going to change that music, and I did.”

Even before you get inside the doors at Froogel’s the music flows out from overhead speakers at the entrance, setting the mood for customers to dance, sing or lip sync.

“It’s a big variety of music,” Sheryl said. “It’s not like they’re playing the same songs over and over.”

What would happen if the music stopped? “I bet I’d have a lot of complaints,” Sheryl said. “I was even kind of doubting after Thanksgiving to change to Christmas music.”

Holiday music did get a turn during December before the channel was switched back to the familiar oldies.

Sheryl said she gets loads of comments on the store’s music, overwhelmingly positive.

“A lot people will be dancing while they’re shopping and say, ‘I haven’t hear that song in long time.’” she said. “I’ve heard people say, ‘I love shopping in here because the music’s so good.’ I heard a customer say, ‘I could work here with that kind of music in this environment.’”

Sheryl said the employees enjoy the music as much as the customers. “I feel the employees have a more upbeat attitude. The music gets people going. Some people are dancing coming in the door. That makes me feel good that they’re enjoying it.”


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4 thoughts on “Dancing in the aisles … at Froogel’s

  1. The other day I went in for a few things and heard David Bowie’s “Fame”. I had a moment right there in the veggie aisle. What a strange co-mingling of cultures. Thanks Froogels for being a part of our community. We appreciate you!!!

  2. I thought a lady and I were going to have to have a sing-off in the deli department the other day. We were groovin’ to the same tune when we turned and startled each other. We stopped and then laughed and boogied on our way. It’s great.

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