Bay Council to hold ‘educational session’ tonight

Storm drain

President Boudin sent out this email notice yesterday:

“Tomorrow (Jan. 21) we will be having a educational session put on for the city by the state auditors office.

I have decided to reserve the front two rows for required personnel and the remainder of the seats for citizens and or the press up to capacity.

No questions, comments, cameras, or disruptions will be tolerated. Anyone disrupting the session will be escorted out.

This is a very serious situation that need our undivided attention and cooperation. It’s was first called to be private but I have had several concerned citizens wanting to listen in. No actions will be taken and no decisions will be made.

Thank in advance for you cooperation.

Joey Boudin, President of the Bay St. Louis City Council”

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at the council chambers.

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