About last night’s meeting….

Storm drain

It was a bit like auditing a night class. But there was plenty of information dispensed to the Bay St. Louis council and city personnel by state auditors, all designed to help keep standard operating procedures running smoothly and legally. Invoice-keeping, dockets and such. At least in the first hour or so.

First bit of information: The mayor-council form of government is the hardest to work well. Hmm. In an odd way, that’s comforting to know. But then again…

Another thing from the stating-the-obvious column: the council’s meetings tend to last longer than necessary. And the discussions and motion-making tend to ramble. Check.

One suggestion was that the council agendas should be posted a day or so before the meetings to keep the public informed about what will be addressed. Also, remarks on personalities are never in order during meetings.

For those who regularly attend council meetings, and you know who you are, it will be interesting to see how the proceedings reflect last night’s lessons.

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One thought on “About last night’s meeting….

  1. I saw Janice Berry at a reunion and we were remembering the “creative” writing class we took together all those years ago. I enjoy reading your inimitable take on BS–L. love, Susie Paul

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