Road trip: Manchac & Middendorf’s

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Long story short:

When I was a kid, we thought of catfish as crab bait.

It took a while for catfish to evolve in my mind into something good to eat. And it doesn’t get any better than the famous fried thin catfish at Middendorf’s.

A catfish craving and a sunny day led to a road trip through the swamps to the rambling restaurant in Manchac, La. (technically Akers). Middendorf’s opened in 1934, and the catfish and other seafood are so popular that the joint expanded into two buildings.

In no time at all, we were seated in the crowded dining room and  a platter of catfish arrived piled high atop fries, a couple of hush puppies and shrimp. (Cole slaw served separately.) I went for the catfish/shrimp combo on account of it had been too long since my last visit.

Oh, my. Crunchy delicious, just as I remembered. Take a ride. Think of it as practice for Lent.

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