Bay Council update: What went wrong?

Storm drain

Apparently plenty.

At last night’s recessed meeting of the Bay St. Louis City Council, Sam Atkinson, the state performance auditor, had loads to report after taking a thorough look inside the city’s operations per the council’s request. She said she’s seen a lot of improvement since January but pointed to a lack of procedures, internal controls, communication and information sharing and other deficiencies. Bottom line: “Statutes were not followed,” she said.

The examples of failings – discrepancies in signatures, lapsed insurance payments, journal entry mistakes, blind financial decisions, etc. – are plentiful, but, Atkinson said, they’re all fixable. Consider them opportunities, she suggested on a closing note after three hours of detailing what went wrong.

We will have an opportunity to see how this plays out at the next recessed meeting on Monday.

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