Bay Council recap: wait until July 5

Gocup upside downThe first item on the June 21 agenda was the public hearing on the Recreation and Leisure ordinance. It lasted an hour. More citizens spoke for an ordinance than against, including one opponent from the ward where they’re partial to grass cutting, not tourism. Council members still have questions/reservations and some are in no particular hurry to act on an ordinance. Next public hearing is set for the July 5th meeting.

Next agenda item was the guest list:

a) The auditing firm is “88 percent” through the city audit process and could wrap up by June 30 or shortly thereafter.

b) The Bay-Waveland School District wants building permit fees waived. Tabled until July 5.

c) Concerned resident witnessed serious fight outside a beach bar on a recent Sunday evening. (Echoes of the above public hearing.)

d) Harbor revenue is “exceeding expectations.”  Occupancy and fuel sales are up. Now the harbor commission wants to increase fees to lease the parking lot. To be continued – you guessed it – July 5.

e) Council OK with abandonment of Maceo Street in Waveland that is adjacent to our city lagoon.

f) I could not make it through Guest f’s “journey of events” with an 11-page handout. Checkout time was 7:25 p.m.

The meeting was recessed until Thursday. Check back for the agenda.

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