UPDATE Old school to new hotel? Closing date set

BAY ST. LOUIS The closing date has been set for the long anticipated sale of the old Second Street school to New Orleans developer Jim MacPhaille.

The deal is set to be closed Sept. 27, in spite of a lingering dispute involving a driveway across the street from the school, said Ronnie Artigues, attorney for the Bay-Waveland School District.

The school property has been under contract to MacPhaille for more than a year.

“It’s long in coming,” MacPhaille said Thursday.

Artigues expects an amicable resolution to the question of ownership and access to the driveway, which was used by the old Ingram School for bus parking. That property has had several owners over the years. Until ownership is established, the title can’t be given to Jim MacPhaille.

“Everybody is working to resolve it,” Artiques said.

MacPhaille has said he’s been talking with city officials and residents who live around the old school to ask what they would like to see developed in their neighborhood.

A condo hotel or a hotel are possibilities, he said.

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