Casey Trapani’s Famous Cheese Straws: seriously delicious


If you’ve ever tasted Casey Trapani’s cheese straws, you know they’re seriously delicious.

A couple of things make the addictive cheese straws special: Casey uses her great aunt’s old New Orleans-style recipe – sharp cheddar, butter, flour, salt and cayenne “with more cheese than flour,” and she uses a special old-fashioned cookie press that makes them thin and crispy.

“They don’t even sell the cookie press anymore but I’ve got five of them because every time somebody finds one, they buy it for me,” she said.

Casey started out making cheese straws as Christmas gifts and soon friends started asking to buy them by the dozens. Now, she’s making weekly batches and is selling them at Cappy’s Point at 104 A U.S. 90 in the Bay.

With an assist from husband Cary, Casey also does catering for parties and special events, cooking brisket, beef tenderloin, lamb chops, grilled prosciutto wrapped asparagus, cedar planked salmon and delicious appetizers, entrees and side dishes. “People give me an idea what kind of party it is, and I come up with menus,” she said.

Casey also caters lunches at Coast Episcopal in Pass Christian, where she has worked for 23 years as a teacher’s aide.

She cooks the meal the night before and serves it the next day during her break for as many as 90 students and faculty members. The hot lunches are wholesome and well rounded: including pork loin with rice and green beans or spaghetti and a vegetable.

The whole process – baking cheese straws, catering and preparing lunches – is by now a well-oiled machine, Casey said. “I enjoy cooking and if you’ve got the right equipment it’s not difficult. It keeps me busy.”

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8 thoughts on “Casey Trapani’s Famous Cheese Straws: seriously delicious

  1. I love cheese straws, which this area of Alabama makes special claim to. Can’t wait to get home, purchase some of these, and show them off.

  2. Casey’s cheese straws are the best I’ve ever had and I have tried quite a few. I like to give them as Christmas gifts but you have to put your order in early.

  3. I love my wife! I am so proud of her!

    Keep up the great work!

    And thanks for letting me be your sampler!

    By the way, they are great with an ice cold beer or glass of wine!

    (Lisa you are a great advocate for all things “Bay St. Louis”!

    God Bless!

  4. Is that address where Trap was right after Katrina? And must an order be placed in advance of on-sale day? Holy cow, those look wonderful…I’m thinking of floating one or two on my homemade tomato soup. And Cary is right, you are a Bay Rat in every good way possible.

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