Bay Council agenda: North Beach Hotel!

The number one item on the mayor’s report is a hotel at 104 North Beach Blvd. It’s been a poorly kept secret but maybe we’ll finally get some details.






SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

5:30 P.M.

1. Guests

a) Charles Webb – Pelic-Inn

b) Susie Seal – McDonald Lane being made a one way street

c) Culumber, Harvey & Associates – Final Audit Report

d) Ron Thorpe – Hancock County/Bay Waveland School District Consolidation

e) Dustin Ladner – Permit costs

f) Anita Warner – Notice of Appeal – 417 Third Street

2. Comptroller’s Report

a) Payroll Amendments – transferred employees

b) Budget Amendments

c) Cash Balances

d) Certification Letter

e) Payroll

f) Docket of Claims

001 General Fund $253,071.82

020 Narcotics Task Force $1,176.41

400 Utility Fund $159,222.64

450 Municipal Harbor Fund $9,871.23

650 Community Hall Unearned $19,825.00

Total $443,167.10

g) Utility Refund Check Registers

16-020 $1,347.75 Utility Meter Deposit Fund

16-021 $509.74 Utility Meter Deposit Fund

Total $1,857.49 Utility Meter Deposit Fund

3. Engineer’s Report

4. Public Forum (Agenda Items Only)

5. New/Old/Requests – Council Business

a) Tyler Technologies – Encode

b) Property Management of City Buildings Contract and

c) Rental Increases

d) Handicapped Parking for downtown

e) Vacation Rental Ordinance update

f) 212 Charters Street

g) 138 Felicity Street

h) 123 Harrison Court

i) Flood Plain Ordinance

j) Noise Ordinance Committee

k) City Prosecutor Contract and Request for Professional Services

l) Leisure and Recreation Ordinance update

m) Planning and Zoning nomination

n) Police Chief Selection

o) Omni

p) Blue Meadow Road sewage back up during rain

q) 5142 1st Avenue demolition

r) Hollywood Casino Golf Course water meter

6. Clerk of Council’s Report

a) Documents needed

7. Mayor’s Report

a) North Beach Hotel – 104 North Beach Boulevard

b) Approval of travel for MS Office surplus

c) Consent Agenda

1. Approve the reappointment of William (Bill) Lady to the Hancock County Tourism Board – Three year term

2. Approve Street Closure on October 1, 2016 10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. to allow for St. Rose Church Heritage Parade – South Necaise Avenue from Main Street to 301 South Necaise Avenue

3. Approve Street Closure 9:05 a.m. – 9:52 a.m. and 1:25.p.m. – 2:15 p.m. during school Hours Monday – Friday in front of the side exit of Crossroads Learning Center on State Street

4. Approve Street Closures on December 9, 2016 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. to allow for 2 mile poker run and 1 mile beer run – Main Street, South Toulme, Union Street, South Beach Boulevard

5. Approve Street Closures on October 6, 2016 – October 8, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. – 5: p.m. Beach Boulevard, Main Street, Second Street, Toulme Street, Cue Street, Gex Street, Federal Street, Depot Way to allow for Cruisin the Coast

8. Attorney’s Report

9. Public Forum

10. Minutes

a) August 16, 2016

b) August 17, 2016

c) August 22, 2016

d) August 25, 2016

e) September 6, 2016

f) September 8, 2016

g) September 15, 2016

11. Adjourn

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