Bay Council recap: a variance here, a committee there

If you have an agenda from last night’s Bay Council meeting, hold on to it. Many of the same items will be carried over to the next meeting. Again. (You can enjoy the rerun anytime on The City of Bay St. Louis Facebook page.)

In brief:

  • The developer of the Pelic-Inn condo-hotel on Beach Boulevard at Court Street is meeting with City Attorney Trent Favre today in an attempt to solve some issues related to the plans.
  • Cure Land Co. plans to build a 60- to 65-room hotel at the corner of Beach Boulevard and Main Street. The project is short on details, like the building’s height, but the developers do want balconies and asked for assurance that they can use the air space before the design phase can start. Next step: submit an application for a site plan review.
  • Residents on McDonald Lane want to make the tiny roadway one way. They’ll get a petition and present it later. The request is expected to be approved.
  • The Council voted to give a homeowner a variance for a fence. Their reasoning: they have given other people variances. (New city motto? Bay St. Louis – A Place of Variances.)
  • The Council voted to accept the final audit report. They voted not to pay former city attorney Donald Rafferty’s $9,900 bill.
  • A multi-page plan to consolidate the school district was put forth. First step: form a committee. (Bay St. Louis – A Place of Committees : see noise ordinance committee, vacation rental committee, etc.)
  • Engineer’s report: Sidewalks are progressing and the harbor wave screen pilings will be delivered next week.
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