Bay Council recap: Hotel, bars & balconies

The first two hours of last night’s meeting, in a nutshell:

The Cure Land Co. wanted some official assurance like they got from the Board of Supervisors so they can proceed with planning the 65-room hotel at Beach Blvd. and Main Street. After much discussion, it was decided to just let the developers follow the standard site plan process.

Dan B’s: Loads of discussion on leasing air space, balconies, who owns what, the Secretary of State, court decisions and a similar beach bar lease, or lack thereof.

The upshot was to authorize city attorney Trent Favre to negotiate a lease with the Murphys for air space at $5 a square foot. To be continued. And then some.

As always, you can see all this and more by viewing the council meetings on the city’s Facebook page.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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