Bay Council recap: back to square one

The first item on the Bay St. Louis City Council agenda Dec. 20 was noise ordinance/complaints.

There were abundant complaints from fed up residents, in person and in letters.

No bar owners involved in the loud, late night music battle attended.

Council members twisted themselves in a knot trying yet again to get a grip on this long-standing kerfuffle.

Ninety minutes into the meeting, the city attorney read aloud the amplified sound ordinance that’s already on the books.

Shortly thereafter, the council president said let’s enforce what we have.

Seriously. Ninety minutes.

Can somebody check to see if the meeting is still going on?

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4 thoughts on “Bay Council recap: back to square one

  1. Is it not ironic that persons elected and sworn to serve the public become motivated to only being accountable to certain persons who are neither constituents or residents. Simultaneously they are ignoring their constituents and residents of the community. Where has the goal gone that says that they will maintain, improve, and protect our quality of life.

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