Real food, real good…Farm-to-table just tastes better

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

A tip of the hat to Real Food Gulf Coast, Island View Casino and all the participating farmers, fishermen and food producers for a wonderfully delicious event last night.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food was designed to promote local fare and it looked like everybody there was appreciating the dishes prepared by the Island View’s talented culinary staff.

Some memorable “tastings” included bacon-wrapped shrimp, goat cheese tart with cranberry (?) relish, tasty green beans, boiled shrimp caught that morning, a delicious combo of peas and beans, a couple of creamy spinach dishes, fresh-made pasta served with some good stuff I can’t now remember, slices of Serious Bread, cheesecake with to-die-for blueberries, Italian seed cookies, lamb riblets (?), beefy meatballs, a well-dressed salad and even more treats.

(Maybe next year a handout listing the dishes and their local sources to keep it all straight?)

Support Real Food Gulf Coast and the local farmers markets and help keep our local food economy going. It really does taste better when it’s local.

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One thought on “Real food, real good…Farm-to-table just tastes better

  1. I suppose most farmers markets are winding down this time of year. Wish there was a master list we could depend on, one with regular hours and locations. Guess I’d better shake my tail feathers and conduct a search. If productive, I will share it. Hope you ate plenty.

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