Hot tamales a hit at Hancock County Farmers Market

Fred Sammons sells hundreds of his hot tamales every week at the Hancock County Farmers Market.

Fred Sammons’ tasty hot tamales have been a favorite in Hancock County since 2005, and his mobile commissary is a familiar sight every Saturday at the new Farmers Market.

Before Katrina, fans of Fred’s tamales would line up to buy them, and Fred could count on selling 100 dozen every week. He still makes and sells hundreds weekly at the market and to special-order customers. Customers know to come early so they won’t be disappointed when Fred sells out.

Making tamales started out as his “retirement hobby,” Fred said. “I wanted to find something nobody else was doing.”

Ever wonder why Fred’s tamales are so good? “You know how your granddad made the best bread and your mom made the best stew? They put love into it. That’s a trade secret. It’s not a job or a business, it’s my hobby. It keeps me going.”

The Hancock County Farmers Market on Longfellow in Bay St. Louis opens every Saturday at 8 a.m. and closes around noon or when vendors sell out.

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