Your building permit reports

For the week of Feb.  27-March 3, Hancock County issued three residential permits with a total value of $87,412 and fees of $587 for interior repairs to an existing house, construction of an 896-square-foot house and construction of a car port.

For March 6 – 10, Hancock County issued two residential permits: one for fire repairs and one for construction of a shed with a value of $6,200 and fees of $142.

For the period of March 6-17, the Bay St. Louis Building Department issued permits for eight projects with a total value of $1,946,647 and fees of $11,197.

The one commercial permit was issued to HSC Bay St. Louis LLC for a new commercial building at 1220 Highway 90 owned by Fulcrom Co. with a total value of  $1,400,000 and total fees of  $7,938.

The Waveland Building Department’s report for February included three building permits for total valuation of $999,026 and fees of $8,126.

All permits issued for the month, including renovations, repairs and storage sheds, totaled $1,150,261 and fees totaling $11,888.

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