Bay Council agenda: noise ordinance (!), canopy safety & tennis courts




MARCH 21, 2017

5:30 p.m.

1. Guests

a) Mindy Dudley/Heather Eason – Buy a Barricade

b) Bill Adams – Proposed usage of property at 309 Third Street

c) Wes Mayley – Bay Saint Louis’ participation in the state’s Wireless Commission

2. City Clerk/Comptroller’s Report

a) Renew copier contracts for Police, Public Works, Admin, Fire and Court

b) Oaths of Office (voter registration) – Dana Feuerstein and Dolly Gonzales

c) Mediacom Internet for Fire Stations 1 and 2

d) E.S.S. Contract (2017 election)

e) Budget Amendments

f) Updated Payroll Ordinance

g) Cash Balances

h) Certification Letter

i) Payroll

j) Docket of Claims #16-040 dated 03-21-17

001 General Fund $105,479.37

200 Debt Service Fund $82,881.58

330 2016 R&B Construction Fund $882,044.97

400 Utility Fund $278,175.51

450 Municipal Harbor Fund 9,728.00

650 Community Hall Unearned $400.00

Total $1,358.979.43

3. Public Forum (Agenda Items Only)

4. Engineer’s Report

a) City Projects Update

5. Council/New/Old Business

a) Canopy safety

b) Noise Ordinance amendments (Action Item)

c) Safe Routes to School Grant – Washington Street connection to Old Spanish Trail Sidewalk Project

d) Bay High Tennis Court use

6. Clerk of Council’s Report

a) Documents needed

7. Mayor’s Report

Consent Agenda

a) Approve Street Closure, April 1, 2017 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., to allow for 5K race sponsored by CASA, close 1 lane of Beach Boulevard from Main Street to Highway 90

b) Travel

Department: Fire

Employee: Robert Labat, Adam Torres, Wayne Hoffmann

Date: April 4, 2017

Location: Jackson, MS

Reason for Travel: CPAT Exam

Sponsoring Organization: State Fire Academy

Registration: $120.00

Meals: -0-

Transportation: City Vehicle

Lodging: -0-

c) Travel

Department: Police

Employee: Jamie Blanton

Date: April 5-6, 2017

Location: Biloxi, MS

Reason for Travel: Training Conference

Sponsoring Organization: Children’s Advocacy Centers of MS

Registration: -0-

Meals: -0-

Transportation: City Vehicle

Lodging: -0-


a) Report on Council Minutes

8. Attorney’s Report

a) Road Abandonment Application of Patrick McCloskey

b) 212 Charters Street costs

9. Executive Session

a) Bice/O’Shiro and Schaff (Discussion)

b) Bay Saint Louis Lease Amendment (Action Item)

10. Public Forum

11. Minutes

a) March 6, 2017 Workshop

b) March 7, 2017 Workshop

c) March 7, 2017

d) March 13, 2017 Workshop

12. Adjourn

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