Who got the boot in Old Town?

Second Saturday crowds enjoyed perfect weather in Old Town yesterday, but the party ended abruptly for those whose cars were booted for parking in private spaces behind Hancock Bank. The rule applies six days a week.

(A call to the official-sounding Main Harbor Office on Main Street revealed extensions for Realtors and a nearby restaurant.)

People stood by watching as violation notices were taped on the windows of offending vehicles and boots were clamped on tires. Word spread that it took $80 in cash to get the boot removed. 

One woman whose car was booted in late afternoon said she’d called the news media and the mayor to protest. In between, she directed unsuspecting drivers away from the pricey spots in the popular parking lot.

Did you get the boot? Do you think anybody should? And exactly who can impose and collect fines?

Stay tuned. The City Council might have to “workshop” this one.

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