Building permits: houses etc.

Your Bay St. Louis building permit report for May 15-26:

There were permits issued for 7 projects: 5 residential and one each for a shed and a deck. Total value was $1,047,912 and total fees $6,141.

The single family permits had values of $363,441, $74,858, $196,955 and $249,800.

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2 thoughts on “Building permits: houses etc.

  1. Does anyone know the legal criteria for granting a variance? Other than just wanting to make a profit by making lot sizes smaller and increasing density in neighborhoods other than to make a killing on profits and creating a ghetto? PS The criteria for granting a variance is printed on the variance application that is given to applicants and the City Council members who along with the city attorney know the legal criteria for granting variances. However, no one asks the attorney if the action or proposed action is legal? Who wants to know the legality of actions when money and profits are involved?

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