Building permit recap

Your weekly building permit report for the week of June 5-9, plus Waveland’s monthly report for May:

The Hancock Building Department issued six permits totaling $1,417,474 in value and $2,063 in fees.

Three of the permits were for commercial projects. One permit was to install an ice vending machine at 5075 Highway 53. Permit value was $9,000 and fees were $56. Darrin Peterson is the owner.

The Hancock County School District permit is for repairs to Hancock Middle School. Value was $993,000. The contractor is David Rush Construction.

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors got a permit for construction of a pedestrian pathway valued at $100,000 and fees of $611.

Bay St. Louis issued residential permits for six projects totaling $811,029 in value and fees totaling $4,993. Four are for houses, one was for a porch and one for a pool.

For the month of May, the city of Waveland issued a total of 46 permits totaling $1,994,397 and fees of $17,223. Four permits for single family residences had a total value of $1,098,397. One commercial project permit valued at $790,000 was for Pitstop Car Wash, 445 Highway 90. The owner is Steven Schmidt and contractor is Waltco Contractors Inc. The other commercial permit, valued at $53,525, was for Mr. Gee’s Snow Breeze at 104 Mitchell Lane. 

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