Karen fizzles, apps shine

Karen clouds
I admit that my iPad is chock full of weather apps, one more colorful and animated than the next. Intellicast’s alerts beeped me awake very early this morning, making more out of Karen than the shrinking storm now seems to deserve.

But we want our weather news to be current, don’t we? At the Southern Auto Conference Thursday and Friday, smartphones kept everybody up to speed on the pop up storm.

Hard to imagine ever depending on day-old printed weather reports, isn’t it?
Karen via Intellicast

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One thought on “Karen fizzles, apps shine

  1. Pop-up storm…you found just the label, Miss M. I want to ready, I want to be safe, but I’m tired of hearing about it. And I’ll bet poor ol’ Jim Cantori is squirming like a cricket on a griddle over there in Pensacola, just dying to get out in the wind and rain. You have to admire that he loves what he does, though.

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