Rhonda Faye saves the weekend

The weekend was a bit odd, with all the hyperactivity created by weather forecasters mixed with sunshine and a little rain. Did you see that poor guy The Weather Channel dispatched to Plaquemines Parish for the ENTIRE weekend. Just him, a lone shrimp boat and a basket of blue crabs. And why didn’t somebody tell him he was on the Gulf, not the ocean. Must have been some kind of freshman meteorologist initiation or something.

The best thing that came out of this somewhat lost weekend was the discovery via Facebook friends of Rhonda Faye, the only weather person you’ll ever need. Find her on YouTube and Facebook. Now.

The self-described local reporter bringing you the latest on storms in Louisiana is hilarious. With a Cajun accent, oversized glasses and a Mardi Gras T shirt, Rhonda Faye reported on her two trash cans being blown over by a wind gust, the Walmart selling out of bread and water and other essential news items. In one report, she says that Margaret Orr just called her with a storm update.

From now on, I’m sticking with Rhonda Faye. At least she knows where the Gulf is.

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3 thoughts on “Rhonda Faye saves the weekend

  1. You were so bored you made that up, didn’t you? I’m gonna look for Rhonda Faye, and when/if I find her, I will be back with an apology. Please don’t let this sour our plans for Tuesday. You know it’s a small world, and we all have to try to get along.

  2. I found this over the weekend, too. I understand Rhonda’s people are talking to Ellen DeGeneres’ people. That should be great if Ellen has her on!

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