Winged Horseman mystery solved!

Thanks to Charles Walden for finding the Winged Horseman of Bay St. Louis who was photographed early Sunday on the beach in Bay St. Louis. I just confirmed what Mr. Walden posted today:

His name is Michael Gascon. I reached out to Mr. Michael and this is what he wrote to me. What an awesome guy and horse. Share his page. “Thank you for finding me. my name is Michael Gascon. I’m a 5th generation horse trainer from Poplarville ms and that’s my horse Tito. he is a movie star and had the lead roll in the movie ” A Fine Step” with Luke Perry. we are just getting these photos to make ppl from all over the world want to come here to Ms ride with us and enjoy the coast. My FB page is Gascon Horsemanship check it out we have had over 200 million views from right here in Mississippi!”

Thanks to Mr. Gascon who called me from the road to verify the photo.

Now you know!

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2 thoughts on “Winged Horseman mystery solved!

  1. I thought he was in front of one of the oak tree carvings on the Bay. But now I know…he really is the winged horseman.

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