This bench on Beach Boulevard at St. Charles Street is the one consistent element in my daily beach walks. The clouds, the water, even the sand beach changes every day. Here are a few of the bench photos I’ve taken over the last couple of years.

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One thought on “Benchmark

  1. Dear Lisa, please spread the word that there is a theft ring in operation in our beloved town. With so many transient workers both legal & ???? Along with people handling service calls who are new and unknown may have contributed to the theft of expensive lawn furniture from people’s homes. Obviously, the culprits have the targets well scouted by having worked in the neighborhoods long enough to know what is there as well as the inhabitants and the habits of the household members. It may be a good idea to ask every contractor and their subs for a contact roster of any and all workers so that Bay PD may want to tell them hello or more.

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