Bay Council agenda: air space, insurance, settlement, fees & fluorination




OCTOBER 17, 2017

5:30 p.m.

1. RFQ’s for Auditor for Fiscal Years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018

2. Bids for Air Space Lease

3. Engineer’s Report

a) City Projects Update

4. Guests

a) Proclamation – Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence (October 2017 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month)

b) Tim Moseley – Alice Moseley Museum for room lease

c) John Rosetti – City insurance

d) Angelyn Zeringue — proposal for South Group and Bentz Rosetti to work together on a plan for City insurance

5. City Clerk/Comptroller’s Report

Consent Agenda – Spread

a) Cash Balances

b) Certification Letter

c) Payroll

Action Items

a) Docket of Claims #16-067 dated 10-17-17

001 General Fund $61,894.52

200 Debt Service Fund $1,343.98

250 2014 Sinking Fund $1,850.00

270 2016 Debt Service R&B Bond $154,206.07

330 2016 R&B Construction Fund $110,574.25

400 Utility Fund $135,831.08

450 Municipal Harbor Fund $18,266.92

650 Community Hall Unearned $6,469.40

Total $490,436.22

b) Docket of Claims #16-068 dated 10-17-17

Hancock Bank info $4,939.50

Discussion/Action Items

a) Spread on Minutes – Payroll for individual

b) MEMA State-Local Disaster Assistance Reimbursement Agreement (MOA)

c) Authorize $13.00 fee to be extended through the December 31, 2017 Utility billings to pay for the FEMA balance due

d) Final Amendments for the 2016/2017 budget

e) Authorize inter-fund transfer (payroll and operating cash flow needs) (sg

6. Ordinances

a) Approve updates to Ordinance 547 for harbor parking lot usage

7. Public Forum (Agenda Items Only- 3 minute time limit and must sign in)

8. Council/New/Old Business

a) 525 Old Spanish Trail property clean up to be completed

b) Comp time discussion

c) Drainage issues at Easterbrook Street and St. John Street

d) Fluorination of City water

e) Pier construction standards

f) Spread – Proof of Publication – RFQ/RFP’s for Fy 2016/2017 Auditor

g) Spread – Proof of Publication – RFQ for air space

9. Mayor’s Report

Consent Agenda

a) Travel

Department: Finance

Employee: Dana Feuerstein

Date: October 18, 2017

Location: Biloxi, MS

Reason for Travel: LPA Project Development

Sponsoring Organization: MDOT

Registration: -0-

Meals: -0-

Transportation: Personal Vehicle

Lodging: -0-

b) Approve the purchase of 2 – 5 ton 6×6 military vehicles

Approve payment of $200.00 to the MS Forestry Commission for the vehicles

Approve the purchased military vehicles to be placed on insurance

c) Travel

Department: Fire

Employee: Monty Strong

Date: October 18, 2017-October 31, 2017

Location: Pearl, MS

Reason for Travel: Purchase of Vehicles

Sponsoring Organization: MS Forestry Commission

Registration: -0-

Meals: -0-

Transportation: City Vehicle

Lodging: -0-

d) Approve street closure 400 Block of DeMontluzin Street Halloween evening October 31, 2017

e) Approve the State of Emergency Declaration in advance of Hurricane Nate

f) Ratify the Mayor’s appointment of Gary Ponthieux to the E-911 Commission

g) Ratify the Mayor’s appointments to the Civil Service Commission

h) Extension of the Prosecutor, Judge and Defense Attorney contracts

i) Approve the City Attorney contract

Mayor’s discussion

a) New/Old Business

b) Executive Session (if needed)

c) Fees for ballfields and recreational items

10. Attorney’s Report

a) Approval of Settlement Agreement in Mark Ohman v. City of Bay St. Louis

b) Executive Session – litigation report of all pending cases

c) Bice/Oshiro v. BSL – approve mediation agreement

11. Public Forum (3 minute time limit and must sign in)

12. Executive Session (if needed)

13. Minutes

a) Executive Session minutes

b) September 19, 2017 Recessed

c) October 3, 2017

14. Adjourn

If you would like to speak at either Public Forum, please sign appropriate the Public Forum sign-in sheet by the agenda on the table just outside the Council Chambers.

Please sign in by 6:30 p.m. for the Agenda Items Only Public Forum as that form will be pulled at that time.

The sign-in sheet for the Any Topic Public Forum will be pulled later in the meeting.Bay 

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