P&Z moves up to Monday; South Beach subdivision on the agenda

This month’s Planning and Zoning meeting has been moved up a day, to Monday, because of Halloween. There’s one item on the agenda below that has already scared up some controversy.

It’s the application by Kenneth Blanchard’s South Beach BSL, LLC to develop two parcels that run from Beach Boulevard to Third Street.

The plan is to have a single family subdivision with around 67 lots and multi-family townhouses near Third Street with a park and pavilion. The map below shows the parcels.


The plan stirred developer Jim MacPhaille to write a letter to city officials and others stating his opposition to the project for various reasons. MacPhaille, of New Orleans, has been buying up properties in Bay St. Louis, including Century Hall, 200 North Beach, French Settlement, the Second Street School, as well as the old Brignac property next door to South Beach BSL’s planned development.  He says he isn’t going to develop his property (920 South Beach Blvd. LLC) “because it is my home.”

Here’s the entire agenda for Monday’s meeting. Dress comfortably and get there early.



OCTOBER 30, 2017

5:30 P.M.


The Bay St. Louis Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on Monday, October 30, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the Bay St. Louis Conference Center, 598 Main Street, Bay St. Louis, MS to consider the following:

KEATH LADNER – application for Special Subdivision Plat Approval and Variance to the Zoning Ordinance. The applicant would like to change 4 parcels of land into 3 new parcels. Parcel 1 needing total variance of 4,212sf to lot area; resulting in 6,288sf. Parcel 2 needing total variance of 3,950sf; resulting in 6,550sf. Parcel 3 needing total variance of 3,271sf; resulting in 7,229sf. The property is located at 500, 502, 504 and 506 Thomas Shields Blvd; Parcel 137K-1-44-134.000, described as Lot 43, Shieldboro, Phase 1; Parcel 137K-1-44-135.000, described as Lot 44, Shieldboro, Phase 1; Parcel 137K-1-44-136.000, described as Lot 45, Shieldboro, Phase 1; Parcel 137K-1-44-137.000, described as Lot 46, Shieldboro, Phase 1. The property is zoned R-2, Two Family District.

EDDIE TILLMAN – application for Variance to the Sign Ordinance. The applicant is asking for a variance to the sign ordinance to allow a second wall/attached sign to be placed on the outer stairway of the building. The sign will measure 18.3 sq ft. The property in question is located at 113 South Beach Blvd; Parcel 149L-0-29-043.000, described as Lot 167, 2nd Ward, Bay St. Louis. The property is zoned C-1, Central Business District.

DAVID & MARY FARR – application for Special Subdivision Plat Approval and Variance to the Zoning Ordinance. The applicant is asking to subdivide this parcel of land into two new parcels of land with Parcel 1 needing a total variance of 20.60f to the lot width; resulting in 79.40f. The property in question is located at 947 Old Spanish Trail; Parcel 137K-2-36-009.000, described as Pt of Fractional Section 36, N. of Gainesville Rd, Sub of Moscio Chiniche, T8S R14W. The property is zoned R-1, Single Family District.

SOUTH BEACH BSL, LLC– application for Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance requesting a Planned Unit Development (PUD), Preliminary Subdivision Plat Approval and Special Subdivision to reconfigure the lots submitted by South Beach BSL, LLC, Mr. Kenneth Blanchard. The applicant is asking for approval of a map amendment for a Planned Unit Development project (PUD) on these parcels or tracts of land. The applicant has indicated on its site plan and preliminary subdivision plat application that the project will consist of 67+/- lots in a single family residential subdivision with two multi-family parcels near Third Street for townhomes along with a Park area, including a Pavilion. The uses and densities in the PUD conform to the permitted uses and densities in the underlying zoning districts. As provided in Section 402 of the Zoning Ordinance the Planning and Zoning Commission will consider some permissible minor variations from the subdivision and zoning regulations as to individual lot dimensions, area regulations, and related matters and may attach reasonable special conditions for the development of the project. In addition, under the Special Subdivision application, the applicant is seeking to change the configuration of two parcels of land into two new parcels, which have been identified as Parcels “A” and “B” on the site plan. The property is fronting on South Beach Blvd, on five acres; Parcel # 149N-0-30-233.000, 4th Ward, Bay St. Louis, 206-I and J 206 ½ and Parcel #149N-0-30-234.000, 4th Ward, Bay St. Louis, 206 ½ D and 209 K. The subject property is currently zoned R-1, Single Family Residential; R-2, Two Family Residential and R- 4, Beach Front Residential. 

CITY OF BAY ST. LOUISThe City of Bay St. Louis is requesting a text amendment to the Zoning Ordinance. The reason for the amendment is there are changing conditions in a particular area, or in the city, or in the regional area generally, in which an amendment to the Ordinance is in the public interest and is necessary and is desirable. The proposed amendment does not involve changing the classification of land and is necessary to facilitate accuracy and proper interpretation.

The City is requesting to amend the Section 1306, DECISIONS OF THE PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISION, to read as followed:


In exercising the above mentioned powers, the Planning and Zoning Commission by a concurring vote of a majority of its members present and voting may recommend that the City Council reverse or affirm, wholly or partly, or may modify the order, requirements, decision or determination appealed from; and make such order, requirement, decision or determination as ought to be made. Decisions shall be recommended to the City Council for final action.

“In the event that a decision by the Commission to recommend denial of the application, the applicant has up to 60 days to present their application to the City Council, by way of an appeal filed with the Clerk of Council. The applicant has (10) ten business days to file the appeal after any Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation of denial. If the applicant does not file an appeal with the Clerk of Council, the application with the Planning and Zoning recommendation will be heard by the City Council at their next regular scheduled meeting.”


December meeting to be held Thursday, the 21st day at 5:30


September 26, 2017


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