Bay Council recap: the good, the bad and the Ugly

The guest list was packed at last night’s City Council meeting and so was the chamber as an overflow crowd showed up for the evening’s hot-button item: the ongoing clash involving The Ugly Pirate and some of its neighbors.

But starting things off were the guests: the Misfits Street Krewzers had their day in the Bay proclaimed, the city’s water will stay fluorinated, the Alice Moseley Museum’s lease request got a favorable nod, and the benefits of agribusiness were touted. There was also a discussion about trailers used for fireworks and Christmas tree sales, but honestly, I’m not sure what the outcome was on that one.

After the city clerk/comptroller’s report, numerous Public Forum speakers talked about the good, the bad and the ugly (sorry) goings-on around The Ugly Pirate. It’s the latest face-off in the escalating discourse between those who say the place is a public nuisance with loud music and bar patrons who take their kids there for pizza and who think the music isn’t loud enough to be heard. (A video was also presented to the council showing the alleged disorderly behavior.) Also taking the mic were lawyers from the opposing sides, more evidence of how this thing has gotten worse.

One speaker pointed out that the only new businesses opening here are bars and restaurants and that officials need to get a handle on the situation and fast.

(Anyone else heard the city being called Bar St. Louis?)

One thing that was agreed upon was that the situation is about more than the noise ordinance, it’s about respect on both sides. 

The upshot: a meeting is being arranged with people on both sides along with city officials and law enforcers so they can try to come to a peaceful resolution. Stay tuned.

If you missed the meeting, go to the city’s Facebook page for a rerun.

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