Bay Council recap: who voted how

Turnout for Tuesday’s City Council meeting was low compared to the last two Planning and Zoning meetings that were packed with opponents of the South Beach BSL LLC application.

A public forum regular speculated Tuesday that his neighbors on Third Street and Ramoneda who opposed the large subdivision plan stayed home because they expected the council would follow the P&Z recommendations to deny the application.

That almost didn’t happen. When the councilmen were polled early in the proceedings, most said they were in fact for the project. Gary Knoblock, though, said he was a No because of the neighbors’ “very overwhelming” objections. Doug Seal said he’s looked at the housing inventory and he’s not convinced that there’s a need for the development.

After the informal polling of council members, a few residents spoke out again against the plan because of concerns about traffic, trees, density, drainage, etc. But the kicker was when New Orleans developer Jim MacPhaille, who has purchased several large properties in town, said he would, in effect, take his marbles and move on down the road to Biloxi if the application was approved.

Ultimately the council voted to approve the P&Z recommendation to deny the application, with 2 No votes cast by Josh Desalvo and Larry Smith.

Now you know.

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